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Embellish your home!

Your home should reflect you, your tastes, your interests, your personality. Decorative tassels have long been used to embellish homes, dress-up furnishings and serve as colorful focal points.
Dancing Bear Tassels are handcrafted from vintage and collectible salt and pepper shakers. Each tassel is made by hand to fit the porcelein piece, size and color. Antique and vintage trims and ribbons are used to complete these whimsical accessories. Have a Herend china collection? Hang a Herend tassel on the cabinet door. Love Quimper ware? Use a beautiful tassel made from a Quimper salt shaker to embellish your china cabinet. Hang a whimsical mouse from your entertainment center, or choose a Nippon piece to decorate your bedposts. Use your imagination to choose the perfect tassel for the perfect location in your home.
Dancing Bear tassels are beautifully handcrafted using the best quality materials and plenty of tasteful whimsey.

Our lavender sachets are handmade from English porcelein figurines with Dupioni silk and the best quality French lavender. They are beautifully decorated with felted berries, velvet leaves and unique trims and ribbons. They are a unique addition to any room while providing the subtle scent of lavender to freshen the air.

If you have a unique style, count on Dancing Bear Designs to help you to make your home a reflection of everything that expresses you!

Dancing Bear Designs
68 West Norman Ave WindsorCT06095 USA 
 • 860-249-3452