Because we use vintage and collectible pieces to make our tassels and sachets, most are one of a kind. A printed catalog would prove impossible. So, we will be adding pictures of some of our pieces to give shoppers an idea of what we do.
Our full inventory of tassels and sachets can be seen at our shows. In addition, you can shop at our store on Etsy. Simply go to the Etsy web site and enter: dancingbeartassels (all one word) and you will be at our Etsy shop. We also welcome inquiries if you have a specific request. We are happy to email photos of our stock, if you have a particular interest, i.e. A dog, cat, antique decorative piece or a particular type of porcelein, I.e. Herend, Quimper, MacKenzie Child’s, etc.
Our gallery of photos will be coming soon!
Look forward to hearing from you!